Will I Have to Go to Court?

In most bankruptcy cases, you only have to go to a proceeding called the 'meeting of creditors' to meet with the bankruptcy trustee and any creditor who chooses to come. Most of the time, this meeting will be a short and simple procedure where you are asked a few questions about your bankruptcy forms and [...]

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What Else Should I Know?

There is no clear answer to this question. Unfortunately, if you are behind on your bills, your credit has already suffered. Bankruptcy will help you recover your good credit rating. The fact that you've filed a bankruptcy can appear on your credit record for ten years. But since bankruptcy wipes out your old debts, you [...]

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Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit?

Utility services: Public utilities, such as the electric company, cannot refuse or cut off service because you have filed for bankruptcy. However, the utility can require a deposit for future service and you do have to pay bills which arise after bankruptcy is filed. Discrimination: An employer or government agency cannot discriminate against you because [...]

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